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Project Description

Design an App for a mobile device. Be creative. Be innovative. Come up with some original concepts.This project took several weeks. We were asked to talk about the audience, do Persona development as well as design. With this project we were also required to build a Creative Brief to help develop the design as we go along. Good design is not guess work. That means we need to know our core target audience. 

Project Concept

When I received this project I was thinking of changing my hairstyle. As a girl who has been wearing the same hairstyle for many years, I was always scared to try something new. After talking to friends around me, I found out it is a common problem for girls. People are Worried that the new hair style is not going to fit them well, even though it might look good on somebody else. I stared to brainstorm. What if we could preview a new hairstyle on use before going to the beauty shop? In the end I designed this app with feminine style, called HairWand. It allows users to take a picture of themselves then try different hairstyles before they make a final decision. This app will also provide information about the particular salons that are able to achieve that hairstyle.  


App Design

UI/UX Design

Class Name

Digital Design Studio


David Hake



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