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Neue Haas Unica Specimen 

Project Description

This project is an opportunity to work with the Monotype Corporation, one of the oldest type foundries in the world. Our task is to develop an engaging, perfectly executed type promotion which includes a type specimen. This must appeal to a design savvy audience. 

Project Concept


Booklet Design

Poster Design



David Hake

Class Name


Type Composition 


When I received this assignment, the typeface Neue Haas Unica had been just redesigned and published by Monotype, so I chose that beautiful typeface for this project. I wanted to make this specimen more fun than just a booklet. Therefore I designed a brochure with interesting folding that contains a poster on the other side. This booklet presents the information about the history, the designer, different styles of the typefaces with the three spreads through different layouts. 

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